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Limited cat services at Seattle Animal Shelter

Update 9/12/18: We’re back to full cat services! See this blog post for an update.

Yikes! We have had some unexpected issues in our cat wards, so we have moved as many of our cats to foster as possible. While this means that you won’t be able to meet adoptable cats at the shelter right now, there are many cats and kittens in foster homes waiting to be adopted! This also means we are temporarily limited in our services for cats. Check out what this means for you:

  • All currently adoptable cats are in foster homes. Visit our website to learn about our foster cats and call 206-684-0685 to schedule a meet.
  • Have you found a cat? If you’re a Seattle resident and you found a roaming cat, we recommend leaving that cat alone if it is healthy. Since there is no leash law for cats, most friendly, roaming, altered cats are simply owned indoor/outdoor cats. If you find a cat that is injured or sick, we encourage you to call us at 206-386-7387 to file a found report and determine if the cat should go directly to a veterinarian.
  • Do you need to surrender an animal to us? Unfortunately, we’re not able to accept owner-surrendered cats currently. Seattle residents wishing to surrender cats are asked to keep them until we can begin accepting surrenders by appointment.

Until we can accept surrendered cats, several partner agencies in the area may be able to help, on a space-available basis. Before bringing a cat to any of these agencies, please call or email to ensure they will be able to accept your surrender.

As we have more information, we’ll update it here, so please check back.

Information about the Seattle Animal Shelter is available online at or by calling 206-386-PETS (7387).