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Why you should adopt a senior cat

“Why did you choose a senior cat?”

Our Cat Adoption Follow-up Team asks that question whenever one of our 12+ -year-old cats goes to a new home, and the answers just might surprise you.

From one cat-savvy adopter: “Older cats are smarter; they learn more the longer they live.” So true! Senior cats are comfortable in their fur and have learned to go with the flow.

From young parents: “We trust an older, mellow cat to interact nicely with our toddler.” How wise! Kittens, while darling, are toddlers themselves and must be taught to mind their manners. Senior cats, whose personalities are already formed, bring fewer surprises.

From a busy couple: “We work all day. She is fine by herself and then very happy to see us when we come home.” Yes, senior cats can usually be trusted not to create chaos when left alone. In general, they are less time consuming yet value your time together.

From a senior human: “His age approximates my own, and we will be there for each other.” Cats — just like us — may develop medical issues as they age, but isn’t caring for your beloved companion a worthwhile part of life? Senior kitties deserve to be treasured; they give back much more than they receive.

From someone who knows: “Seniors are easy! Playtime with a kitten or young cat can be exhausting!” If your own schedule is hectic and you just like to relax and purr at the end of the day, a senior cat to share your couch and bed can be an ideal companion. Many seniors still like to play, but they will be more considerate of your need for a time out.

From the parents of teenagers: “Our girls really wanted a cat. They will be leaving home in a few years, so a senior kitty made perfect sense.” Cats can live as long as 18–22 years, and that’s a long commitment to make. Choosing a sweet senior might work best for everyone.

From good Samaritans: “Not as many people choose them. It makes me feel good to help a senior cat.” Many people come into the shelter and ask themselves ‘Who do I want the most?’ But there are those special people who ask ‘Who needs me the most?’ Well, senior cats, that’s who.

From a man who was smitten: “I saw a photo of her online and thought she was adorable. She’s a sweet old gal and I’m an old guy who was looking for a companion.” Sometimes it just clicks and nothing else needs to be said.

Are you ready to let a senior cat into your life?

We hope these shared stories have cast new light on the advantages of choosing a senior cat. But why not come see for yourself? The Seattle Animal Shelter has many wonderful senior kitties you could meet. All cats (and dogs) over 6 years are just $15 (plus applicable licensing fees) throughout the month of November! The Seattle Animal Shelter is open noon to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday, for adoptions and licensing. The shelter is located at 2061 15th Ave. W., Seattle.