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Resolve to give for the animals

Fosters needed for dogs, cats, and critters.

New Year gifts of money and time

The spirit of the late comedian Betty White lives on through the generous contributions to the Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS) in honor of what would have been her 100th birthday. The Betty White Challenge encouraged people to donate to their local animal shelters to recognize Betty’s lifelong dedication to animal protection.

Generous contributions

In Betty’s memory, donors contributed more than $15,000 to support the animals in SAS’ care.

And it’s not too late to donate or volunteer. In fact, it could be the best Lunar New Year’s resolution you make.

There’s nothing like giving to others to make you feel good, especially when those others are amazing pets waiting for loving homes.

Volunteer heroes

SAS’ volunteers dedicate themselves to the care of animals and to their successful adoptions. Some spend a few hours a week helping at the shelter, some invite pets into their homes as foster parents until they are adopted, and some help by sharing adoption stories on social media.

Loving foster homes

Currently there is a need for foster homes for all types of animals. Volunteer fosters help pets by getting them out of the stressful shelter environment while they await a permanent home. While some animals need additional medical or behavioral support, most just need a temporary home and a lot of love. Often foster volunteers are experienced in pet care with the type of animal they would like to foster. You’ll love the satisfaction of knowing you helped an animal’s story have a happy ending.

Find out more about fostering.

However you choose to contribute – with money or time – you will know that you are making a difference in the lives of animals and in our community. Thank you!