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Adopt an older pet: New Year brings fresh start for senior cat

The New Year is a time for renewal – a time of resolutions and fresh starts no matter what your age.

The same is true for older pets looking for a new home. They hope to find their people and start anew in 2022.

When a pet is considered to be older

How a “senior” pet is defined ranges from about 10 years for a dog to 15 years for a cat. Guinea pigs are seniors when they are three years old. While many of us think about adopting kittens and puppies because they are so cute and playful, not as many understand the advantages of more mature pets.

Teri O’Leary is one of those adopters who could see that she and 16-year-old cat Destiny had a lot left to give one another.

O’Leary has experience with older cats; her beloved 22-year-old kitty, Bubba, passed away in 2012. Last year she began caring for a cat, but the kitty went outside and didn’t return. As she looked on the Animal Shelter website to see if the cat had been found, she kept seeing a photo of a blind, 16-year-old cat named Destiny.

“It wasn’t long before we knew we couldn’t leave her there any longer,” said O’Leary.

Learning what a blind kitty needs to be happy

“She loves to sit in the sun, to be brushed and petted, and she loves her food,” said O’Leary. “She also surprised us by enjoying our three-year-old grandson’s attentions.”

“I just love the way she finds me and just sits there patiently until I notice her,” she said. “Maybe being older myself makes me appreciate her quiet ways. She is the perfect addition to our household.”

Advantages of adopting a senior pet

  1. Most older pets have already been housebroken.
  2. Many older pets have had behavior training and may be more receptive to new training.
  3. Older pets usually have calmer temperaments and better manners. Their personalities are fully developed, and you know what you’re getting.
  4. For people with a more relaxed lifestyle, older pets can make the perfect companions.
  5. Older pets often have been socialized with both other animals and with people.

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