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They Creep! They Crawl! They Make Great Pets!

For Halloween we celebrate Creeptacular on our Facebook page and Instagram, featuring some of the cutest small pets available for adoption. Adoption fees are half price through Oct. 31, 2021 for any pet, other than dogs or cats. Read more about a few of our critters.

Tasha and Bo are looking to hop over to their forever home. The pair love to roam around their foster’s house, much to the delight of his five-year-old son. They are very friendly and love gentle pets, according to their foster Jeremy Davison.

“Tasha and Bo are an inseparable, loving pair,” said Davison. “Tasha is a little shy at first, but Bo is adventurous and ready to explore high and low. This pair will do best in a home with lots to explore and lots of attention.”

They both seek out human interaction and like being petted and brushed, which is good because it keeps their shedding under control. They are curious and energetic but respectful of the cats and chinchillas with whom they’ve lived.

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In addition to rabbits, the Shelter cares for reptiles as well. Currently there are two snakes ready for adoption, both known as docile and beautiful. It’s difficult to gender snakes, so we refer to them as they.

Ember is a young red-tailed boa who will be 6-8 feet long full grown. They could live up to 40 years so they’re looking for a committed snake lover. Ember loves to curl up and read bedtime stories with their family. They also enjoy toothbrush massages and bath time.

Moose displays the most beautiful fall colors as a rust-colored corn snake. They do fairly well with handling and has been handled by both adults and supervised children. Corn snakes don’t get nearly as large as boas, so you can expect that Moose is fully grown. As pets, corn snakes can live 23 years or more.

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