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The Last Little Piggy to Find a Home

Update: Miss Starla was adopted on Oct. 31, 2021 and is now living in a safe and loving home in West Seattle.

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Miss Starla had a rough start in life as one of more than 220 animals hoarded in a West Seattle home. Rescued by the Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS) along with her furry and feathered friends one year ago, she’s the last animal at SAS from that group that needs to be adopted.

While 175 animals were transferred to other shelters, SAS managed adoptions for 59 pets, including five chickens, eight rabbits, 40 guinea pigs, two chinchillas, and one dog. They all found homes. Miss Starla wants to find her people too.

Even though she has lived with other guinea pigs, she has currently adjusted very well to the luxurious life of a solo pig. Miss Starla would love to be the star of your home, with gentle handling and lots of attention.

She’ll talk to you with squeals, chirps, squeaks, purrs and whistles – like a furry little R2D2. Guinea pigs eat timothy hay pellets and need plenty of fresh water every day. They like to have space to roam so the bigger the cage the better.

Miss Starla likes to look her best so she will need a manicure about twice a month and an annual vet check-up. Guinea pigs typically live six to nine years, but Miss Starla has a medical condition which may shorten her life span.

She has received plenty of care and treatment from the SAS veterinary team and is currently happy, eating well and acting like a regular guinea pig.

If you’re looking for a cheerful vegetarian who loves to cuddle, then Miss Starla would make a great addition to your home.

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