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Fall in Love: Adopt a Dog this Autumn

Update: Both Dee and BB have been adopted, but Puck is still looking for his people. See more about Puck below.

For Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS) staff and their foster parents it’s surprising that Dee, Puck, and BB haven’t found permanent homes yet. These three are favorites of the staff and volunteers, dogs who deserve “furever” homes and plenty of treats.

“All of these dogs are very nice and sweet with people, but they don’t like other dogs,” said SAS Animal Care Manager Tracy Bahrakis. “Their foster parents have been fantastic in managing their behavior and training them using positive techniques, like food rewards and vocal praise.”

But all three have lingered in foster care for more than a year, too long for such good dogs to be looking for permanent homes.

“As quickly as we can is the goal we have to find good homes for all of our animals, especially these dogs,” said Bahrakis.

She doesn’t think their breeds are turning adopters away, but the longer they stay in foster care the less attractive they are to prospective pet parents – for no good reason. Dee, for one, has a lot of pep in her step and loves to be challenged learning new skills.

“It’s unbelievable that she has been in foster care for two years, said Bahrakis. “She is ready to find her people.”

Laura Mundy, who often dog sits, says that for a 9-year-old dog Dee has a lot of energy and “can leap like a gazelle.” The years have not slowed her down in any way; she loves to be engaged physically and mentally.

Mundy envisions a “furever” home with a fenced yard or acreage for Dee to run and play, while avoiding other dogs. She’s got great house manners and learns easily using treats.

“She is incredibly interested in smelling outdoor things,” said Mundy. “I think she needs opportunities to smell – and that could be nose-work training.”

Dee likes food puzzles but won’t always finish them, and she is very adept at getting into boxes with treats inside. She’s an expert-level cleaner of items slated for the recycling bin, so a conservation-minded pooch to boot!

She’s silly, curious, and ready for a new adventure with you. And there’s no adoption fee for Dee thanks to donors.

It’s Adopt-a-Dog Month and when you do Miss Dee will be waiting for you to snuggle, chill, and watch Netflix – perfect for the fall weather.

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Puck’s sweet gaze will melt your heart! He’s great at snuggling and giving kisses. He’ll roll around on the floor and try to do yoga with you. Puck learns new tricks easily because he’s a smart pooch. And he loves to ride in the car so you can take him to fun places to explore.

Puck does well in a crate and behaves around cats and children. He just doesn’t like being around other dogs. Puck is ready to jump in the car and head off on your next adventure.

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BB is a loving and gentle pup with soulful brown eyes and a constantly wagging tail. She’s a very sweet dog who’s been looking for her forever home for more than a year. She loves to romp in her backyard. She has perfect manners and can be left alone without getting into trouble.

BB needs to have a yard for exercise, so she won’t have to encounter other dogs when out for a walk. If you’re looking for a mellow companion to hang out with around the house and yard, BB is your gal, and she’ll greet you with full-body wags!

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