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Animal Volunteer Heroes (Volunteeroes) Needed at Seattle Animal Shelter

The Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS) seeks “volunteeroes” to help with a variety of care for the more than 3,000 animals cared for at the Shelter each year. Volunteer positions as a shelter helper or dog walker require just two hours per week for six months. Animal foster care volunteers excited to work with and learn more about dog behavior are especially needed.


Shelter Helper

Shelter Helpers help animals at the shelter thrive by ensuring their kennels and cages are refilled with fresh bedding and toys every day. Duties include laundry and dishwashing (using industrial equipment) and preparing enrichment activities (fill Kongs, food puzzles, etc). While this role does not involve direct animal contact, Shelter Helpers play a critical role in ensuring SAS cats, dogs, and critters stay happy and healthy.


Dog Walker

Volunteers on this team walk shelter dogs on paths through the neighborhood around SAS. Each dog gets at least a half-hour walk twice daily, including holidays and in all weather conditions. Many dogs are big and some are learning to walk well on a leash and may pull, so you’ll definitely get your workout in as well as your steps. Some experience with dogs is required.


Apply here to volunteer as a Shelter Helper or Dog Walker:



Foster homes are needed for dogs, cats, and critters – all kinds of animals from rabbits and guinea pigs to lizards, birds, rats, ferrets and more. Especially needed are dog foster parents willing to learn how to work with:

  • young energetic dogs who tug on the leash or are jumpy and mouthy
  • dogs who don’t do well with other animals
  • dogs who do poorly with strangers

Staff and experienced volunteers will provide training, behavior assistance, and any tools you may need.

Apply here to foster:

More information about volunteering and fostering is available at