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February 2010
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Free spaying/neutering available for dogs and cats at Seattle Animal Shelter

SEATTLE – As part of an ongoing program, anyone who brings a litter of puppies or kittens to the Seattle Animal Shelter is eligible to have the parent animals spayed or neutered for free.

This free offer is made possible by donations to the city’s “Pet Population Control Fund.” The fund also helps pay for spaying and neutering pets owned by low-income, elderly, disabled, homeless or other persons who would otherwise not be able to afford the cost of sterilizing their pets.

“The greater Seattle area faces a pet overpopulation problem. Thousands of orphaned animals must be euthanized each year in this region simply because there are not enough homes for them,” says Seattle Animal Shelter Director Don Jordan. “We can help by spaying and neutering companion animals and ending unwanted births. We can reduce the needless suffering orphaned animals endure, and ultimately improve the quality of life for people and animals in our community.”

Although the Seattle Animal Shelter will not turn away anyone with a litter, Jordan says kittens really should stay with their mothers and littermates for at least 10 weeks. People often separate litters from their mothers at five to seven weeks, which is too early and can create behavior problems throughout a cat’s life, according to Jordan.

“As long as donors continue to support the ‘Pet Population Control Fund,’ the offer will continue indefinitely,” Jordan says. He hopes this program will discourage people from leaving boxes of puppies and kittens on the side of the road or in front of grocery stores. “Instead, if people bring these litters to the shelter, we have the opportunity to evaluate their health, administer vaccinations, and have them adopted by qualified owners, thus improving the quality of life for these young animals,” adds Jordan.

For more information about this free spay and neuter program and other Seattle Animal Shelter services, call (206)386-PETS(7387)

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